Wednesday, December 10, 2014

First Frugal Guide: Dublin Update

The first revision of the book is already live! Things are always changing, so frequent updates were inevitable, and... as it happens... necessary.

The full announcement from Five Suitcases is posted below if you missed the announcement yesterday.

One of the grooviest perks of the e-self-publishing world is the ability to revise, correct, and update publications instantly and for free. This is especially important for a book like The Frugal Guide: Dublin, as travel information changes all the time. Hours and admission prices fluctuate, things open, things close, things just...change.

Most 2015 paper travel books were printed and distributed months ago, so their travel advice is already outdated. Not to blame or put down paper travel books -- they are great -- but they fight the same fight geography books have been since the dawn of the twentieth century. 

Did anyone else have geography books featuring the USSR, Czechoslovakia, Zaire, and Yugoslavia?

Today, I uploaded a revised edition of the eBook with some updates I collected just today. The Little Museum of Dublin is a small, private museum near St. Stephen's Green. In the first edition of the book, I only recommended visiting the museum on Wednesday afternoons, when a local sponsorship allowed the museum to waive its admission fee (7 euro normally). 

It was a great program, supporting the museum and allowing people to see the collection without paying, but I found out that the sponsorship has sadly ended. Now, I only recommend the museum if you have specific historical interest or a ticket included with a package deal like the Dublin Bus Green Bus hop on hop off tour.

I also stopped by the brand-new Irish Whiskey Museum on College Green. They were just opening their doors as the first edition went to e-press, so I could find very little information about the museum or the tour packages. Today, I picked up a brochure and talked to the staff about the tour, and added the update to the College Green blurb in the book.  

Later under the College Green heading, I fleshed out the Trinity College Library Long Room displays, in case someone wanted to see a surviving copy of the Irish Proclamation or the fourteenth-century harp that served as the model for Ireland's iconic harp symbol. 

These changes, updates, and fixes will be critical to the success of this book. Expect many more changes in the coming year as I continue my research and reviews.

If you care to, check out the new revision over on Smashwords!

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