Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Media Blitz

Since returning from Morocco, I've made a conscious effort to promote the book and the podcast outside of my normal blog and social media channels. Holiday backups and the general nature of print publishing being what they are, my work is just now starting to pay off.

I did a Skype interview with a reporter for my hometown newspaper in Dubuque, Iowa. I hoped that the cache of a local boy going off and doing good things in a far-off, exotic land like Dublin would be appealing enough for a story. Combine that with the strong Irish connection to Dubuque and you have a really tantalizing scoop.

They printed my interview and a review of the book, but the full text of the article is subscription-only. Non-subscribers can read the snippet in the link below and take my word that it was a good review.

I also made contact with the editors of Dublin People, the free newspaper that had published a few of my own articles last year. Mine is the book of the week in the current edition, so you can check out a free copy of Northside People East, Northside People West, or Southside People at your local supermarket or newsagent OR check out page 21 of the PDF edition.

Another free community newspaper that has published my work before is the Southside-specific NewsFour. I spoke with one of the team about my book and a review is published in the Feb/Mar edition, also available in (Southside) libraries, cafes, and newsagents. As of this writing, the online edition is not yet available. Look for an update (you can follow me on Twitter and never miss an update, smile and wink!) if and when it is made available.

NewsFour also does an audio podcast to update the community about the contents of the current edition. The book got a mention and a plug from the editors and the host of the show on RICC radio. The podcast -- cued up to the book's plug -- is available on Soundcloud at this link.

Did someone say audio podcasts? Well, it just so happens that I published a new Frugal Guide: Dublin podcast today; this one an interview rather than a guided tour. In it, I visited with the director of the Contemporary Music Centre about the good work they do to support new music in Ireland and to provide free access and entertainment to the lucky citizens. The accompanying article and an embedded podcast player can be found over at Five Suitcases.

In addition to my personal Morocco story, I wrote and sold a more general-audience travel article about visiting Marrakesh specifically. I sold the article without my byline, but you can visit the published article here and decide if it sounds like my voice.

In addition to all this press, I've been keeping busy researching new attractions for the Frugal Guide eBook and working on my weekly writing quota for my next book. Look for more updates whenever I have time to surface for air.


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