Thursday, October 23, 2014

Free Safety Swag!

Ireland is famous for its green. Green grass, green ivy, green hills. The Land of a Thousand Shades of Green. But most of the outside world doesn't know about a lot of other green in Ireland: Hi-vis lime green.

People in Dublin (and I presume the rest of Ireland) wear a lot of vis-vests and other hi-vis gear. Cyclists, walkers, workers, kids, and even pets are decked out in green and orange- and I think it's a great idea.

In a busy city like Dublin, it's always a good idea to be visible in any light, especially on those wet nights when headlights reflect off the damp pavement and mist clouds visibility. And that's where RSA Ireland comes in.

RSA Swag Box Ireland
RSA Swag Box

In an effort to keep people seen and safe, The Road Safety Authority distributes free (!!) high vis materials for individuals, families, and organizations. They are also the driver licensing authority for the country, but I wasn't so much interested in that. I just needed some safety swag.

Vests, Armbands, Bags, and Bag Covers from RSA Ireland
Vests, Armbands, Bags, and Bag Covers

I made an account on the website and picked out what we needed: a biking vest, a drawstring bag, a knapsack cover, and a set of reflective armbands for each of us. They also offer some running-specific gear and a few other accessories, but I didn't want to be greedy or ask for equipment we wouldn't need.

Less than a week later, everything arrived, free of charge. I wish I had looked this up so much earlier. I spent 8 Euro on a really low-quality, too-small running bib when I needed something for night cycling. Little did I know that I could have gotten so much better for so much less.

If you're in Ireland, get in touch with RSA and get (and wear!) your set of safety swag. 

...I guess I'll SEE you all on the road!


  1. I have a stack of hi-vis vest from work. I usually forget I'm wearing it until I'm back in the car ready to go home. There are about 5 of them in my glove box! At least they come in handy when we go to France on holidays as having a hi-vis in your car is compulsory!
    Safe cycling :-)

    1. Well, if I ever get a job requiring XXL women's vis vests, I've got them covered!

  2. Free hi-vi vests? I can't believe it. Nothing comes for free in London. Nothing.

    1. I was just as surprised when I found out that they were free!

  3. Great Post Thanks For Sharing Safety vest product Information !!!!.... I really Like It. Kids Hi-Vis Safety Vests product are an ideal way of making sure they are seen on their way to or home from school. Two colours are available.

  4. For safety purposes, high visibility Safety vest and Reflective tape are going to make you far more visible.

  5. This safety vest looks comfortable, very bright color and snug fit. Good for a cool morning but not for anything too cold.


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