Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

A happy and special Valentine's Day to all those reading this today.  Be you single, dating, married, or it's complicated, go have a good time today.

If you forgot about the holiday and have a special person who might be expecting a card, candy, or reservations- you better get moving.  You have to tell the person, "Look! I love you this much moneys-worth!"

I you aren't with anyone special right now, there are plenty of options for you.  There is the classic Anti-Valentine's Day activity of cocktails with your other single friends, there's the annual Valentine's Day slasher movie releases to check out, or you can just kick it solo surfing the internet.

Whatever your plans, enjoy the day, night, and weekend.  Spring is coming in the Northern Hemisphere, and life is good.

And yes, if you were wondering.  Ireland does celebrate Valentine's Day.  Yes, it is just as cheesy and over-hyped as it is in the Sates.  


  1. Something you mighten know

    1. Whoa! I saw there was a shrine to St. Valentine at Whitefriar street, but I guess I missed that his remains are buried there. We'll have to check it out if this Valentine's Day hurricane lets up.

  2. This is very coincidental, but I also just learned today that St Valentine's relics are kept in that church in Dublin, I didn't know it before, and makes me want to pay a visit :-) Happy Valentine's day !


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