Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blackrock Park

In South Dublin, a nice linear coastal park runs from the village of Blackrock to Boosterstown Wildlife Preserve. It isn't the largest park in Dublin, nor is it particularly packed with things to see and do, but it does have a nice uninterrupted walking and cycling path for commuters tired of the busy north/south suburban Dublin roads.

Blackrock Park Map Co. Dublin
Blackrock Park Map

Martello Tower Blackrock Park, Co. Dublin
Martello Tower

When walking or cycling through the park, we found a rare un-fenced Martello Tower. These squat round towers line the Dublin Bay coastline, still keeping out Napoleon's invading forces... I guess. Many of them are privately-owned today and are surrounded by high fences.

Blackrock Park Walking and Cycling Path
Blackrock Park Walking and Cycling Path

One unlucky bit about the park is the DART line- Dublin's commuter train- running between the park and the sea along its entire length. I know the DART provides a valuable service, but it is tough to have to look through security fences at beautiful Dublin Bay beyond.

Thankfully, an overpass crosses the tracks in the park, allowing visitors access to the sea.

NO KITES! Blackrock Park Co. Dublin

The defining feature of the park is the lake- complete with a mini Greek temple on a small island. Benches ring the small, shallow lake, making it a nice place for neighborhood residents and commuters to sit a spell and feed the birds- which they shouldn't do!

Blackrock Park Temple Co. Dublin
Blackrock Park Temple

A number of other small oddities are leftover in the park from its Victorian beginnings. A now-vandalized bandstand used to draw large afternoon crowds, an old stone foundation marks where the shoreline used to be before this land was reclaimed and made a park, and this (much newer) seat carved from a tree stump.

Tree Stump Chair Blackrock Park Co. Dublin
Tree Stump Chair

Much, much, much more can be found in this thorough article from UCD. If you are interested in learning about the iron scrollwork on gates and benches, this is the article for you. 

If you just want a quiet place to relax or make your journey from Blackrock to Booterstown easier, take a stroll through this fantastic park.

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