Saturday, October 11, 2014

Retro Saturday: The Blue Marlin Project

After all that Final Fantasy V, it's time to begin some new games. Or old games... or new old games... again...?

I was inspired by a stream viewer to get back to a game I've played many times before, the classic NES fishing game The Blue Marlin. I did a very low-quality Let's Play of it a long time ago on this blog, but I wanted to really learn the game for a possible future speedrun.

So I took to the streamwaves and did some testing. Thanks to another stream viewer, we are uncovering some of the secrets of this game, and they are quite interesting. Inspired by all this knowledge and the general lack of internet resources on the game, I decided to put together a real, accurate FAQ for the game with the help of some other enthusiasts.

Look for more updates here on this space, including on-stream research and timed runs. To establish a base time, I timed myself going through the game and established my first real personal best (PB) time of 1:19:45. I know I can get under an hour, so look for that and updates from the FAQ soon!

For now, let's check out that PB!

For more Blue Marlin videos and other streaming action, check me out over at

Happy fishing!

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