Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New eBook Chapter: Beyond City Centre

This is (hopefully!) the last chapter of regular content of this book! I'm approaching my target word count for the main book content, and now I just have the easy task of assembling the introductory material and appendices before the even easier task of final editing, proofing, and publishing.

...So I've a ways to go, but we're getting close! This long chapter covers are few of my favorite spots away from the River Liffey, but not as far out as Dun Laoghaire or Howth. We take a walk along the Royal Canal in the north and the Grand Canal in the south while visiting a few of the best free spots in the extended city- in my humble opinion, of course.

As per usual, check out the chapter (Beyond City Centre) over at the Free Dublin eBook page of the blog, and send your feedback to me through the Contact page above.

Thanks for your support as we reach the home stretch!

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