Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Frugal Guide: Dublin 2015 Now Available

At long last, the time has come. For the last month, I've been hammering away at my book. Research, writing, editing, self-publishing, and website building have been my life. I'm finally proud to announce the official launch of the book and the supporting website,

Five Suitcases will be the home for my more "professional" travel and book writing. For now, it is mostly the supporting site for The Frugal Guide: Dublin but it hopefully will be home for all of my future publishing projects. Personal stories and opinions will still appear over here at Narc Ex HQ, but I'll also be publishing Dublin event news and book updates over at Five Suitcases. Whenever I publish a news update or book supplement over there, I'll make an announcement and cross-post here.

I'm also announcing my next book, Five Suitcases, a non-free humorous memoir about my expat experience so far. After keeping a daily blog for 1.5 years, I've really grown to love sharing stories. I think I can really make them shine with the luxury of extra time, so the book's chapters will really read like longer, more polished blog posts.

Thanks to all of my blog readers and those who've sent me feedback and encouragement. You are all amazing and keep me motivated to be better every day.

Below, I have cross-posted the announcement article from Five Suitcases. If you care to, download a free copy of The Frugal Guide: Dublin 2015 from the links below, leave a review, like it on Facebook, and all the good stuff.


My first book, The Frugal Guide: Dublin 2015 is now available at Smashwords. After a long process involving countless hours of research, exploration, writing, and editing, the book is finally ready for the eyes of the public.

This has been the main focus of my life for the last month as I learned the ins and outs of the self-publishing world all while finishing this book. My daily blogging routine was completely derailed as I poured everything I had into this book... a book that I am happily giving away for free.

For now, the book is only available as a direct download at Smashwords. The most popular eBook formats are all available, and all free. In the near future, the book should be available from iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and other online eBook retailers.

I must again thank my volunteer editors: Sara Hanson, Carolla B, Karl, Jason L. Baker, Rosebud, Anne Reiva, Jen Reiva, Matt Haxton, Anne Canaveera, Trevor O’Brien, Rita Lupkes, Kent Eiler, and Keri Hanson. With their help and advice, I was able to clarify some of the content and fix mistakes. They were much more valuable than maybe they even know. Their comments inspired more ideas for things to include. From the first crowd-editor edition, I added about 5000 words of brand-new content - all because of you!

Now that this book is published and available, I'd like to announce my future writing plans:

  1. Produce additional Frugal Guide: Dublin content like an audiobook, fully-illustrated walks, additional audio video content to enhance the book, and periodic news updates that will be published as posts here.
  2. Continue research and updates of the FG:D book for this and future editions. There are tours I have yet to take and attractions that I have yet to visit. In future editions, I hope to include personal reviews of everything that I mention in the book.
  3. Begin Continue work on my next book, a (not free) personal memoir about my expat experience from finding out about our move through our first two years in Dublin. In case you haven't guessed, the working title of this book is Five Suitcases. Thanks to Mary Reiva for suggesting the great title for the book and my website.
  4. Improve the website of both Five Suitcases and my personal blog, The Narcissistic Expat Diaries, possibly even integrate the two. I'm running into the ceiling of my own web design abilities, so I'll have to either learn more or hire someone to do it for me. I think you know which I'll choose.
For now, download and enjoy The Frugal Guide: Dublin 2015 and please let me know what you think. Rate and review the book on Smashwords (and other retailers, when it becomes available), like it on Facebook (, and feel free to send me a private message through the Contact page above.

Visit my personal blog via the tab above or directly ( for a huge backlog of my expat moving experience and for regular personal updates from me.

Thanks again, to EVERYONE for all your support and encouragement. This is a huge achievement for me, and I'll always be proud of it.


  1. Congratulations !!!! I', obviously planning to read it (probably around Christmas time because I'm really busy at the moment), and when I do I'll write a nice little review on my blog :-)


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