Monday, December 15, 2014

At Day at the Smithfield Christmas Market

Disappointed with St. Stephen's Green Christmas Market this year, we decided to take another stab at the Christmas shopping scene when we saw a notice in this week's Dublin Event Guide for a big, indoor Christmas and flea market in the north Dublin neighborhood of Smithfield.

We got underway after breakfast on what looked to be the last warm day of the year -- or for about a decade if current weather predictions are to be believed

As we neared City Centre, I found some new beer glass gems on the streets. It's been a quiet few months for my collecting hobby as I've begun to ignore common glasses (like Heineken and the older Guinness glasses) because I have so many already. Now I'm looking for new brands and collecting matching pairs for single glasses I already have. Of course, the new design of Guinness glasses (with the raised harp logo) are always valuable, as I give them away as gifts whenever I run into American friends and family.

By the end of the day, I had a pretty good haul.

When we made it to Smithfield, the market did not disappoint. One hundred different stalls offered antiques, crafts, books, soap, food, music, and anything else one might find at a Christmas or flea market.

With so much to do, it was not surprising that the market was jammed with holiday shoppers. It was forced to close down for a while when the power was lost. Eventually they gave up waiting, lit every candle they could find (there were several craft candle and aromatherapy stands) and continued.

We pushed our way through just as power was returning to the crowded hall.

Crowded Smithfield Christmas and Flea Market 2014
Crowded Smithfield Christmas and Flea Market 2014

We poked through the crowds, looking at the old silverware, vintage clothes, and used books. If we had more time, more money, and more room in our apartment, we might have been much more loaded down with cool kitsch and retro treasures.

I [Heart] Curry Chips Tote Bag
I [Heart] Curry Chips Tote Bag

As it was, we settled for a few snacks and a large tea towel with a stylized "map" of Dublin design.

Map of Dublin Tea Towel
Map of Dublin Tea Towel

This will be one of the few Dublin souvenirs we bring home with us. We are viewing our three-odd years in Ireland as a kind of extended vacation, and thus, we need some physical reminders. We've decided to ignore most of the standard tourist charms for a few unique and special pieces like this.

Sadly, the Smithfield market ran only one weekend, but we'll keep our eyes open for it next year.


  1. That collection of beer glasses really is filling out!

    1. It truly is. They'll make a great story piece for my days in Ireland someday.

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