Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cory Gets a Job...And Plays Video Games

Happy Saturday everyone!  The big news from me is my new job.  I had been sending out applications to almost every job available in town.  I only excluded jobs for which I was not by any stretch qualified.  I got a callback for an interview and was offered the job.

Now, it isn't in my field particularly, but as someone here pointed out, it's still "in the entertainment industry."  Ok, so it's ushering and checking bracelets in the VIP rooms at the big concert venue here in town.  Not exactly what I was doing before, but it has been fun these first few nights and I am happy and grateful to have the work.

I had to buy a cheap black suit for the job, so I found the absolute cheapest suit I could at the super-cheap department store.  The suit fits and works fine for the kind of work I do, so no problems.  Because I am working mostly concerts, the work is almost always at night, so I needed some night-cycling equipment.  Some concerts and events last until after public transport has finished, and I don't care to walk three miles home in the middle of the night.  I got a flashing headlight, flashing taillight, and a reflective vest to make me more visible to the (very few) cars out in the middle of the night here.

Now, it is Saturday, so we continue playing through Monster Party.  This week, we take on level 3.  The video isn't long enough for me to get much new job information out, so we may have to continue with the game and with new job stories and celebrations next week.


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