Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Fishing Kit

While packing up essential items back in Iowa before the move, I had planned to bring along one fishing rod and my camo fanny pack as a basic fishing setup.  Unfortunately, when we got out the suitcases, we (me?) were horrified to find out that a fishing rod, even disassembled, does not fit in a standard suitcase.  It looked like the fishing rod was out.  Had I been a better thinker, I would have taken the reel off of the rod and brought it along, but I assumed (wrongly) that I would be able to find cheap rod and reel combos at a tackle shop in Dublin.

Spinning rod and reel in a white sleeve, camo colored waist belt, and white foam cooler make up my fishing kit in Dublin, Ireland
Rod and reel in white sleeve, camo waist pack, and white foam cooler

I had to pick up a rod and reel, but at the tackle shop, and I had to pay full price for them by the piece.  Yeesh.

My camo-patterned waist pack has been my fishing "tackle box" since I received it as a gift from my uncle as a kid.  I usually keep it packed with a small tackle box of basic hooks, sinkers, and small lures.  Bobbers, pliers, and other pieces can float loosely in the kit.  Any special needs can easily be added for a specific trip if needed.  This pack fit easily in our suitcase and still holds almost everything I need for fishing here in Dublin.  It's hands-free, which has kept it in action for twenty-plus years.

For keeping fish, I use my white foam cooler. This cooler, and two larger ones, were left in the closet when we moved in to the apartment.  It fits perfectly on the rear rack of my new bike, so it travels easily.  

Rod and reel in white sleeve, camo waist pack, and white foam cooler in Dublin, Ireland
The Whole Kit
We see here my beginning fishing kit, from bottom to top.  It makes a fairly compact package when fully disassembled.  Travel with the whole kit is easy with a backpack on my bike.  The only evidence is the white rod sleeve sticking up two feet from the top of the pack, but one can't let that get one down.

The fishing kit packed in a green backpack with the white rod sleeve sticking out the top rests on a bicycle in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin, Ireland
The kit, ready to travel on the pier at Dun Laoghaire
I have since added a piece to my kit, but that story is too long and too good, so it will be another post.  In the meantime, check the spoiler photo below.

A green landing net pictured in Dublin, Ireland
Guess what!

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