Friday, June 6, 2014

Mythfest 2014

This week (which is mostly over) in Dublin is MythFest, a celebration of the rich tradition of Irish mythology. It is put on by the drama society of Trinity College Dublin, and free events are (have been) taking place all over Dublin this week.

A lineup of one act plays, art exhibits, and other free (and family-friendly) entertainment runs each day, mostly at the outdoor Rose Garden Theatre at Trinity College. The headline show, The Sorrows, is a ticketed event, but all other shows are free.

The drama society has written and directed plays about leprechauns, ghost stories, nymphs, and other folkloric beasties for the entertainment and education of the whole community.

I had a chance to see the noon performance of Children of Lir, a dramatization of the Irish legend that is memorialized in a sculpture and fountain in Dublin's Garden of Remembrance.

Children of Lir Sculpture at Dublin's Garden of Remembrance
Children of Lir Sculpture

According to the legend, the children of an ancient Irish character (that would be Lir) were transformed into swans by a jealous stepmother. They had to make a long journey (taking hundreds of years) as swans to have the spell lifted. Apparently the Germans aren't the only ones with fairy tales involving evil, magical, and vengeful stepmothers.

Trinity College Rose Garden Theatre

The weather was perfect, the outdoor theatre was set up beautifully, and the sizable crowd all had a great time watching the talented performers. Had I been more on the ball, I would have written a post for the week ahead of the festival- but a fantastic (and free!) event like this deserves a post even if it's late.

I'm planning to attend at least one more event. Check the MythFest website for a description of the events and a full schedule... for the last two days.

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