Saturday, June 28, 2014

Retro Saturday: Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta Highlights

Well, since last week, I finished my first of hopefully several Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta runs. I could have beaten the game much more quickly, but I decided to do some unnecessary optional quests and take on two optional superbosses in the last dungeon.

The first was Omega, who required a very careful strategy with the party I had, and let's not forget the two hours I spent practicing before going live on stream for this half-hour grind-it-out fight.

Battle with Omega. Skip to the end... 

Neither Omega nor Shinryu, the legendary dragon are required to beat the game (or finish the Fiesta), but the few brave souls who take down these two monsters get a heart (Shinryu) and a circle (Omega) next to their name on their Four Job Fiesta player profile. Worth it, right?

Shinryu is much easier with the party I have than was Omega. It is not immune to berserk and darkness statuses, so this simple combo made my team nearly unhittable. Goodbye Shinryu.

Shinryu Battle

In the same play session, I took out the final boss of the game, Exdeath and Neo Exdeath. The first embedded video is a highlight/blooper of the final killshot on the boss, as my stream video froze. The audio continues as I beg for my stream to catch up so the final boss fadeaway could be recorded. 

Killshot Freezes the Stream

If you care to watch the full battle with both forms of Exdeath, see below.

Full Final Battle

After taking screenshots of Omega, Shinryu, and Exdeath fading away, I tweeted my results (and photos) to the bot handling the Fiesta...

Well, nothing to do now but register for another run!

This time, I'll be doing a regular random run. This is a slight variation on the regular run in which all currently available jobs can be assigned as each crystal is earned, not just the new jobs from the newly-earned crystal. It's complicated, but you can check out the full variation set over at the Four Job Fiesta Website.

In the meantime, you can follow my progress in the following ways...

...And of course check this blog for weekly updates and highlights. Happy Fiesta!

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