Saturday, June 21, 2014

Retro Saturday: Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta

Happy Retro Saturday! We finished The Blue Marlin just in time, as it happens. This week I joined for the first time the famous Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta 2014 (#FF5FJF2014). The FF5FJF is a yearly internet charity event in which thousands of retro game fans from all over the world play through the classic game Final Fantasy 5 with some randomly-generated limits and challenges.

Players sign up and receive updates through a Twitter bot that handles all the registrations and assigns the jobs a Fiesta participant can use. There are a number of different categories from which to choose, but since this was my first attempt, I took the easiest Regular run (#reg).

In this run, I was assigned thief for my first job. I had to play with four thieves until I unlocked the next set of jobs. When I did, I rolled time mage. I now had to have at least one thief and one time mage at all times. I played through until I unlocked the geomancer and chemist jobs. Now I have to have at least one of all four of those jobs in my party at all times, which makes for some interesting situations.

This yearly event supports the fun charity Child's Play, whose goal is to improve the quality of life for sick children by supplying children's hospitals with board games, toys, and of course, video games. Many players pledge donation amount based upon how successful (or unsuccessful) they can be during the Fiesta. Keep in mind that while players and followers are encouraged to pledge and donate, signing up for and participating in the Fiesta is totally free.

Players are encouraged to log their progress with the Fiesta on Twitter. Screenshots and videos can be tweeted to the bot to be displayed on each player's Fiesta profile.

If you care to, you can follow me on Twitter to see my updates or check my FJF profile page.

This event runs until September 1st, and I am challenging myself to see how many times I can play through the game between now and then- and how many different Fiesta categories I can complete. I have also decided to live stream as much of the gameplay as I can. I set up a streaming account on (link to my channel) and have been recording my progress and highlights on my YouTube channel. You can follow me on either or both of those platforms to watch me play live or catch the recorded highlights of each stream.

This weekly Retro Saturday blog post will be dedicated to updating my weekly FJF progress with embedded video highlights from each week's streams. This week, highlights from my first week of my regular run.

Fighting an early boss, Galura, with only weak thieves.

Another tough early boss for thieves. Lots of potions and slow grinding

Sandworm, a tricky battle with a tough boss, almost wiped us out

ArchaeAvis, the last boss of World 1

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