Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New eBook Chapter and Updates

Now that the content of the eBook is growing, I've run into some of the first editorial roadblocks of travel book writing. When this project started, I was writing whatever I felt was most appropriate for any specific area of Dublin. Some areas would work best as a mapped and guided walking tour, some as a list-followed-by-a-paragraph, some as a more long form traditional book chapter.

When putting together my latest chapter covering City Centre North, I had to do some real reflection about what kind of format to use so that the book may one day be a coherent single piece instead of the broken bits it is as it trickles out of me. I had to finally start writing a style guide for myself so that I could at least get my dates, times, and weblinks consistent even if the chapter format changes depending on my mood when I wrote it.

The rest of these issues I will have to face as the book grows and grows, but for now, I have updated each of the previous chapters with a few minor style changes and uploaded and linked the latest versions on the eBook page. Whenever I make an adjustment, I will upload and re-link the latest version, so for that reason I will only link to each article on the main eBook page of the blog so I don't have to track down older pages to update.

See the new chapter and the latest versions of all the other on the Free Dublin eBook page of the blog.

Feedback is always welcome through the Contact page of the blog.

Thanks for all your continued patience and encouragement!

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