Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kerry Knocks off Donegal in the Gaelic Football Final

It's still All-Ireland season here, and the GAA action is still rocking the whole island. The men's Hurling Final ended in a tie and will be replayed, but not before the men's Gaelic Football final pitting historical favorites Kerry against far-flung Donegal.

I wasn't able to catch the match live, but I did have the chance to scroll back through the Twitter history to get the real-time report from Irish folks around the country. For those thrown by the some of the words and references, here's a mini glossary:

The Kingdom- Nickname for Co. Kerry
Hon- It means "on" or, "go" as in "Go Donegal"
Sam- Name of the trophy going to the winning team, the Sam Maguire Cup
Mon- Short for "Come on"
D- Short for "The"
Croker- Croke Park, Dublin's historic home stadium of the GAA
Dun Na nGall- Irish name for Co. Donegal
Ulster- One of the four provinces of Ireland. Ulster includes the six counties of Northern Ireland and the northwestern counties of the Republic, one of which is Donegal.
Jaysus- Alternative pronunciation of "Jesus," originally made famous in the book The Bible.
Shite- Irish polite way of saying sh*t. If you reverse the vowel sound (or add an "e" in text), it's not as dirty! See also: feck

Let's hear what they had to say!

If you couldn't tell by the Twitter highlights, Kerry won a close match. The game overall was a low-scoring, grind-it-out match, leading to many upset viewers. The "Blanket Defense" prevents many of the exciting plays and high scores that fans so enjoy.

...But don't try to tell the Kerry fans there was anything wrong with the game!

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