Saturday, September 20, 2014

Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta Run 11 Highlights

Two more FJF runs to cover, that means I have to get streaming a new project, and soon! Run 11 stuck me with an amazing FF5 job combo: Beastmaster and Blue Mage. As you all know, Blue Mages learn skills from enemies, but must be targeted and hit with the learnable abilities. Beastmasters learn the command !CONTROL, which allows the player to manipulate enemies and use their abilities.

This normally understated ability let me learn a number of defensive Blue Mage abilities that normally are impossible or very difficult to learn, relying on confusing monsters with the Dancing Dagger or some other such tedious nonsense.

There are also a number of other instances where we get to have some fun with !CATCH/RELEASE and !CONTROL. On with the highlights, including some gifs from Gyfcat!

A Released Dragon Avis does 9999 to all parts of Neo

Neo Final Killshot

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