Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Frugal Guide Podcast is a Go!

As if I didn't need anything else to work on...

I've been busy working on the first (hopefully of many... or at least several!) audio supplement pieces for The Frugal Guide: Dublin. Why all the extra work? Well, I want to do this thing for real, with all the usual twenty-first-century additions.

Hopefully, these additional audio tours and podcasts will help boost the popularity of the book and help more people have more fun in this great city. If not, it'll just be another huge time sink that I can look at with pride even though it was enjoyed by few.

I am working to get this podcast feed available on iTunes, but for now it's only available for direct download from PodOmatic -- the service I chose to host the podcast -- as they have the best free account package.

Below is the full text from my Five Suitcases article with an embedded podcast player at the bottom if you care to listen. Please help boost the signal by continuing to like and share the book and podcast on the usual social channels!


I've been warming up my voice and flexing my very limited audio editing muscle recently. After many hours of recording, deleting, recording again, and testing, I've finally finished and published my first piece of supplementary audio content!

One of my original goals with this project was to produce some guided audio tours in podcast form. Unable or unwilling to hire professional help, I would have to be writer, producer, narrator, editor, and publisher of everything, of course. For the first audio tour, I chose Dublin's Urban Park Scramble, because it was my first and my favorite.

Much of the time needed to produce this first piece of audio content was spent learning the ins and outs of podcast publishing in general. Sadly, free podcast hosting is difficult to find, and with limited choices when you find it. For now, I'm using PodOmatic as they offer the most free storage space and the most monthly bandwidth with their free account. Other services' free accounts are much more limited, and the always-free-unlimited-storage-and-bandwidth use of archive.org seemed a bit too clunky, even for me.

Now that I'm an experienced podcast publisher, producing more short audio pieces should be much easier. Look for more audio tours, interviews with inexpensive attraction curators, and other soundy content coming soon.

If and when you download this walking tour, notice that the attached image is the map of the walk. It is a bit ugly when seen at super-zoomed thumbnail size, but becomes a handy map of the whole walk when displayed on an iPod screen while playing. Practical over pretty every single day!

This series of walks and podcasts will hopefully be available on iTunes soon, but for now, they will all be available for direct download from PodOmatic at the following address: frugalguidedublin.podomatic.com

Don't feel like downloading? Take a listen right from your computer with this handy embedded audio player!


Please continue to help me promote the book and the podcast with reviews, likes, and shares on all of the usual channels. Oh, and here are those usual channels again!


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