Friday, January 16, 2015

Follow the Irish Cops on Twitter!

Ireland's national police force, An Garda Siochana, have a very active and sometimes entertaining Twitter account.

Most of their notifications are mundane public safety and traffic announcements.

Important, but not very exciting.

It's also nice to see the creative use of social media to return lost property.

The preference, of course, would be to help curb the scourge that is bike theft in Dublin. But hey, they've started watching the bike rack outside their own police station more closely recently! Isn't that enough for you people?

No word yet on whether or not bike theft numbers are down outside the Pearse Street Garda Station, though. And the known stolen bike merchants continue to operate in broad daylight all over the...

Yes! More tweets from the friendly local police force. Thinkin' about doin' a bit o' drinkin' and drivin' home? Better think twice! The Guards'll nab you and put you on Twitter for your trouble!

Seriously, drinking and driving is dangerous and stupid. The force has been publicly cracking down on this menace recently with a blitz of TV and radio commercials and "safety checkpoints" on busy roads throughout the day. They have been pushing particularly hard to educate the public about the length of time alcohol stays in the system and impairs driving. A few hours of sleep and a cup of coffee after an all-nighter just isn't enough.

At these safety checks, the guards also make sure vehicles are properly registered and all safety functions are working correctly. If they aren't...

It's healthy for a public police force to engage with the people they are sworn to protect and serve. This punishment by social media shaming might have a real future as a law enforcement tactic in the future. Can you imagine a judge one day ordering you to put "caught drinking and driving" on the top of your Facebook profile? How about mandatory mugshot selfies permanently pinned to your Twitter account?

Oh, and in case you were thinking about sharing that tweet while driving...

Don't! Remember, if you mess with the Garda, you might get a swift kick of polite social media justice!

Actual Garda Bustin' Perps in Dublin Last Week

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  1. I might start following the Garda twitter account, sounds entertaining !!


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