Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Getting Fit on the Beach

Last April, while walking along the beach in Clontarf, I was able to try out something new, outdoor public-use fitness equipment.

Cory on the Leg Swinger
Cory on the Leg Swinger

It seemed like a novel idea at the time; the brightly-colored machines looked very much like playground equipment for children. Looking back, I suppose they serve the same purpose: allowing the public (in this case adults) without elaborate play (fitness) equipment to come together in a public space to play (exercise).

On a walk on Sandymount Strand this week, closer to my neighborhood, I noticed a new lineup of the colorful and functional machines.

Sandymount already has a fantastic walking/running trail along the beach, leading all the way along the coast out to Poolbeg Lighthouse. Now, I can do my low-impact cardio, running, and my upper body strength training all while looking at the crashing waves (high tide) or a vast field of mud (low tide).

Sandymount Leg Swinger
Sandymount Leg Swinger

Chin-Up and Lifting Bar Sandymount
Chin-Up and Lifting Bar

This equipment is manufactured by and Irish company based in Co. Mayo, OutFit. They have installed outdoor adult fitness equipment for parks and other public spaces all over the country, and Sandymount has been one of the more recent additions. The installation of this equipment is part of Dublin City Council's plan to provide accessible activity and fitness facilities and equipment for all of its citizens.

Well, now there's no excuse for the apartment-dwellers in South Dublin to get out there and tear it up! See you on the beach!


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  1. There is the same equipment just up the road from my apartment, right next to the playground!! I've never dared used it, I don't really like exercising in public!


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