Friday, August 23, 2013

I Found This Awesome Glass!

Just as the title says, I found the awesome glass pictured below.  Well... I can't take the credit for actually finding the glass.  That belongs to Sara.

Found in Dublin, Ireland
It all happened during the week of the Dublin Horse Show at the nearby RDS-Royal Dublin Society.  This event is a week-long celebration of all things horse.  I imagine, even if it isn't actually accurate, people in red coats and black helmets getting credit for horses doing funny things, ladies (and little girls) with ridiculously large hats, and way-too-drunk "gentlemen" staggering around the neighborhood with their Jameson Whisky.  Just like what I imagine an American horse show to be!

A look at the strange geometry of the Captain Morgan glass found in Dublin, Ireland
Cool shape, not quite square
Sara got home from work one evening to meet me for dinner.  She said she passed by a present for me on her way home.  She knows my hobby of collecting way cool things and cold hard cash from the gutters of the world, so I was excited to see what this surprise was.  We started walking towards Donnybrook where we had dinner plans.  At the nearby corner, we saw the above glass sitting by the bus stop on someone's garden wall.  It was beautiful, even with the dregs of someones red-colored cocktail.  I would love to have grabbed it right there and taken it to dinner, but something stopped me.  What stopped me was my fear of taking something that isn't fully abandoned.  I have rules about collecting change from the ground which are pretty easy to follow, but abandoned items make me a little more nervous.  It was entirely likely that someone was a little too tipsy when they left the Horse Show, brought along the drink, and left it at the bus stop when the driver wouldn't allow it on the bus.  But, it was also possible that someone was enjoying a refreshing red beverage and had a sudden emergency that necessitated this poor individual to set down the drink on the nearest surface and depart with the intention to return for it.

Wracked with uncertainty, I decided to give the drink some time.  We went to Donnybrook to dinner, with the intention of snagging it if it was still on the corner when we came back.  If it was gone, it meant the owner had returned or someone else needed it more than me.  If it was still there, it was always mine.  If you love something, set it free, right?

After dinner, I felt the magnetic pull of the glass on the corner all the way back.  I began to get ahead of Sara as my stride length and pace increased.  Sweat beads dotted my forehead, my focus was clear:  get that glass.  

I was rewarded for my patience with the gleaming red beauty sitting on the same corner.  All doubt and guilt fled me in an instant.  Clearly no one was coming back for this glass after so many hours, and I felt like I was doing the owners of the garden walls a favor by taking the "trash" away from their pristine wall.  I dumped out the red sludge and almost skipped home to wash the glass and enjoy a tasty glass of cheap white wine from it.  Nice.

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