Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We've got the internet!

It's been more than a month here on the Emerald Isle.  We've sincerely enjoyed our time here so far, but our lives have seemed disturbingly...fulfilling.  We have spent our evenings and weekends talking, sightseeing, spending time together, working on knitting projects, and reading worthwhile literature.  With the addition of home internet, all of that nonsense will thankfully come to an end.

I just received the modem by express courier from our internet provider after five weeks of waiting.  I plugged it in and have begun what will surely be an old fashioned internet all-day binge.

A pig-man greedily eats fistfuls of delicious internet

I don't know how I'll spend my fresh internet time today, but rest assured there will begin a flow of daily blog material for the good readers who have been waiting for new content and general proof of our continued existence.

Boy, do we have content to spew your way.  I've made video game videos, Sara has been knitting up a storm, we've been taking Dublin trips and lots of photos to share with everyone.  Please subscribe and check back as we get that all-important content out to you.

Thanks for your patience, everyone.  Now we are actually at home here in Ireland, and it's time to celebrate.

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