Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'll Play Castlevania Levels 1-2

I'll Play GameCast triumphantly returns to the web!  To spare the bored uncaring sensitive readers repeated installments of irrelevant video game content, the series will become a weekend release.  I hope the commentary can function like a weekly informal podcast about what we are up to around town.  I have made several raw videos of gameplay upon which to comment.  I would like to sit down towards the end of each week and give a weekly audio update while watching and talking a bit about the game I am playing.

This week I begin playing Castlevania.  After the marathon drag of death that was the play through to Castlevania 3, this playthrough will feel like a snap.  In addition to introducing the game, I talk a little bit about my first forays into trout fishing in the nearby River Dodder here in Dublin.

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