Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'll Play Castlevania Level 5

It's Saturday and it's time to venture back to Castlevania.  In the game, we take on level 5 and its master, Death.  That's right, Death, The Reaper, Old Scratch, whatever you call him, he apparently works for Dracula.  Wow... Drac must be some bad dude if he holds sway over the nameless eternal Harvester of Souls.

In real life, we are both sick and taking it easy.  Also, I continue my job search and expand my job search net beyond my first few ideas.

Remember Death from Castlevania 3?  In the first video, made several months ago, witness Trevor Belmont take down the same cloaked spirit in the distant past before Simon Belmont came around.

Now, this week's video, taking down Death with a bad case of the sniffles.  Dracula himself next week!

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