Monday, May 26, 2014

Augustiner Beer Hall Munich

Oh yeah! Another beer hall.

That's right, after our English Garden adventure, we spend the evening at yet another beer hall. This one, less famous than Hofbrauhaus, was our far-and-away favorite. Augustiner is another of Munich's famous breweries, and their beer hall is just a bit outside the bustling, touristy old town. We had a bit of a walk from our hostel through the darkened city, but it was worth it.

Augustiner Dunkels at Augustiner Beer Hall Munich
Augustiner Dunkels

The atmosphere was much like Hofbrauhaus, with fewer international visitors like ourselves- and no polka band. German- not English- was the primary language spoken by the drinkers and the servers. The lack of touristy cache was also reflected in the prices of beers here, about 25% less than Hofbrauhaus. The dunkel (dark) lagers were an amazing start.

We were hungry for a sweet snack, so we shared an apple strudel.

Apple Strudel at Augustiner Beer Hall Munich, Germany
Apple Strudel

We also sampled the rest of the standard German brewery lineup: the wheat beer and the helles (light but not lite, right?). Both were our German favorites in their category, and did I mention cheap?

Augustiner Beer Hall Wheat Munich, Germany
Augustiner Wheat

Augustiner Helles at Augustiner Beer Hall Munich, Germany
Augustiner Helles

After sampling the full lineup, it was time to make our way back. Sadly, this would be the last beer hall we visited in Munich, but it gets our highest recommendation. Hofbrauhaus was good for a laugh, but Augustiner is a place that we could have settled down for a full night. When we make it back to Munich, this will be our first stop.

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