Saturday, May 17, 2014

Retro Saturday: Adventures of Lolo Floor 10 and Ending

We've made it! We take on THE GREAT DEVIL at the end of Floor 10. The floor has some very interesting puzzles and challenges, probably one of the more entertaining (and less bang-your-head-on-the-controller-frustrating) levels in the game.

The ending showdown with THE GREAT DEVIL (King Egger) is an anticlimactic mess. To avoid spoiling it here, I'll embed the video and spoil it below...

Watched it yet? Lolo is able to shoot one bullet/projectile/egg power/Bubble Bobble bubble/? at the huge Rhyhorn-looking guy and trap him in an egg. One more shot from Lolo fires him away off the screen, just like one of his harmless slugs. This huge master of the castle seems to be more vulnerable than so many of his lackeys in the floors below. Why couldn't a Don Medusa just walk upstairs and take him out?

Yeah, I finally looked up the names of all the wacky enemies in the game. After recording the audio for all ten floors using made-up names. These enemies are much more threatening than King Egger seems to be. They can't even be taken out with Lolo's shots. Enter their line of sight = instant death (or petrification.) Strange.

Oh well, I've already written too many words on this game, no use trying to make sense of it now.

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