Saturday, May 31, 2014

Retro Saturday: The Blue Marlin Day 2- Hawaii 1

We've conquered Florida, and now we're off to the Hawaiian islands to finish The Blue Marlin. The next three tournament days will take place around this island chain. The big island, the one named Hawai'i, is where we'll head first. After the big island, we're off to Oahu and Maui for day 3 and Kuai for the fourth and final tournament.

I've sped up the gameplay here so as not to cut away large chunks of the video and make it a reasonable length for the viewer (and the video maker...). All sound has been added in post, with a sampling of Blue Marlin music on a playlist. Sound effects and in-game music won't be heard, so you'll just have to imagine the annoying clinking of the line as it strains under the weight of fish.

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