Saturday, July 13, 2013

Entering Radio Silence...

Blog readers, big and small, one and all-

The blog will be going dark for a little while this coming week.  We have officially entered the Evil Circle of Beaurocracy (ECOB) and are currently waiting for some paperwork to process before we can get set up with internet in our new home.  In the meantime, we have no easy (or free!) access to wireless internet near our home.  We will begin working on posts offline in the meantime and may pop online when we are around the wireless hotspots around town to check in, but we cannot guarantee any specific time for this.

Our apologies go out to all the friends and family who are eagerly waiting for news, photos, updates, Skype conversations, etc.  Those will return in a gusher when we have internet set up at home.

Readers will hear a very detailed and bitter bit about the ECOB, but for now, suffice it to say the following:  We have an address, but we can't get proof of address without a letter from Sara's employer, Sara's employer won't write a letter until she has an employee number, she can't get an employee number without a government tax ID number, we can't get a government tax ID number until we have proof of address.  Got all that?  Home internet service, bank accounts, and other services are also waiting for the first domino to fall in that unbreakable chain.  Be patient until we are able to break free.

In the meantime, know that we really do like it here.  Our place is cozy, close to the University, and just down the street from one of Dublin's nicest neighborhood villages.  Thanks to all for your love and support.  Talk to all of you soon!

Our first supper in our new home.  Spaghetti on the plates and Guinness stout in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles glasses
Here's a picture of spaghetti and Guinness.
Cuz...ya know... This is Ireland, and we can't
have a post without a photo...or something.

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