Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Great Jettison: From Ashes...

Makin' Stuff out of Junk!

This dilapidated piece was a big rotting mess...on purpose.  The crooked boards and window screens (yes, window screens) was my compost box.  Constructed all of materials I found in the house when we moved in, it housed my very special controlled decomposition project.  

Food waste of almost all kinds went into that compost box to be broken down into useful topsoil booster for me.  During nice weather, we threw in fruit and vegetable peels and cores, coffee grounds (with filter!), eggshells, and most other plant-based food materials.  These rotted composted down over the course of months to form a nutrient-rich material perfect for energizing the soil in our garden.

A rickety homemade compost box sits in a gap between a shed and a fence

I quite literally built the compost box back in the corner pictured here.  I never had any intention of taking it away from the house, so it was perfectly understandable that it had to be deconstructed and destroyed at moving time.  

Leaves, food waste, charcoal ashes, and other organic material break down into compost in the home made compost box

Oh, well.  I hope I can restart my trash-to-treasure on the other side of the Atlantic.

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