Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Whisper from the Darkness

Greetings from the Anglesea Road branch of the Dublin City Public Library!  Just taking an afternoon to use the internet at the library while we are waiting out the last domino of the Evil Circle of Bureaucracy (ECOB) to fall.

As a quick update, I'll say that we now have government immigration papers, tax ID numbers-that act as proof of address for- a bank account!  With the bank account, we were able to set up our rent payment, electricity billing, and the home broadband internet services!  We are currently waiting for the installation department at the internet company to set up our setup appointment!

We just found out that I will be able to work here without the severe competitive disadvantage of an expensive work permit.  Sara's hosting agreement allows me to work almost red tape-free, so today I start the search in earnest.

When our home high speed internet service is set up, expect to see the daily blog posts continue with the photos and proofread quality the world has come to expect from this blog.  Look for these exciting post topics when the blog returns-

Water heaters
Small rinse sinks
Plastic bag tax
The damp
Street signs

- And many, many more!  See you all soon!

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