Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Great Jettison: A Man of My Own Heart

I met a really cool guy selling a digital camera.  The photo of the camera is below, but the camera is only a tag on the story of meeting the man who purchased it.

This person was interested in the camera to take some photos and share them with his son.  He came over to take a look, and I came out to the driveway to meet him.  He was riding a personalized (I would say custom, but that would imply that he had it done in a professional auto shop) gas-powered scooter.  The scooter had extra storage racks on both sides of the saddle.  These stored a variety of this man's personal effects.  There was a large basket on the back of the scooter that he used to store cans and bottles.  Apparently this man can keep his gas tank filled all the time only with money from returned cans and bottles found on the road.

Best of all, he showed me a special tool he had made out of a long piece of metal and wire.  This tool, a large hook-shape, allowed him to pick up cans and bottles from the ground without getting off the scooter. Indeed, he boasted that sometimes he doesn't even have to come to a complete stop in order to grab the can and toss it in the rear basket.

This guy had it all figured out.  He collected free money on a much larger scale than I could ever hope to, and used it to keep his fuel-efficient wheels turning.  I don't know if they have returnable cans and bottles in Ireland (I will let you know!) but I'd like to start a system like this someday.

Our old Kodak digital camera on display before being sold on Craigslist

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