Friday, July 5, 2013

The Great Jettison: The Chair and (more awesome) the Surface

...Still angry no one took these.  Just look at the set below.  We did sell the desk set and the brown rug in the photo below.  I was hopeful that craigslist could help me sell the rolling chair and floor protector.

The blue computer chair sits on the clear plastic floor cover

It was strange that these didn't sell even at rock-bottom prices on craigslist.  The computer chair was worn but worked well.  The clear plastic surface has some visible cracks, but still accomplished its task.

The plastic floor cover has some cracks as the wheels of the computer chair rest upon it

The chair was purchased at Goodwill when we first got the house.  The plastic rolling surface was found in a dumpster on the college town holiday of End-Of-Lease-Weekend.  We put the rug under the rolling surface to protect the wood floor from the little plastic spikes under the surface.

The computer chair shows some wear on the edges

I was a little stubborn about selling these items.  I denied bringing them to the consignment store, holding on to the hope that they would sell individually.  Just no dice on that.  They sat until the very last minute in the house, and when we were finally forced to bring them in, the store took the chair but not the surface, which we had to smash and break up to fit in a dumpster.

Oh well.  Can't complain about it now, we're outta there!  We'll have to figure out a computer situation over in Ireland now.  It will probably be a second hand couch with a laptop on the lap, but we will keep writing.

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