Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dublin Christmas Markets

One very European activity we wanted to try this year was Christmas Market shopping.  Dublin (and many other European cities) has a tradition of setting up street markets all over town at Christmastime.  The Dublin Event Guide had a special section devoted to the various Christmas markets and their hours around town.  On the same rainy Saturday we saw the Dublin Christmas displays, we visited the Christmas markets for some local goodies.  

Gummies and candy on display at the Christmas Market
Mmmmm... Gummies
Our first market was the Dame Street Market.  This market was set up near City Centre on the South side of the River Liffey.  Stalls sold Christmas crafts and foods on the open street.  We Cory couldn't resist getting some huge gummi cola bottles at one all-candy stall.

Fudge at the Dame Street Market
Mmmmmmm.... Fudge
Irish Food Board Christmas Market
Indoor Irish Food Board Market
After Dame Street, we went North of the River to a larger indoor market.  On the square outside the market, a carnival atmosphere had been set up with rides, games, and food tents.  Inside, there was a crafty market and a food market, sponsored by the Irish Food Board.  We didn't find anything jumping out at us at the craft market, but we did fall to temptation at the Irish Food Board market and its dizzying variety of locally grown and produced foods.

Christmas Market Carousel in Dublin
Christmas Market Carousel
Among the food displays outside the market was a chestnut cart.  People lined up to buy a paper sack of fresh, hot chestnuts from the roaster.  We got in line and got ours for a snack for the walk back to City Centre to see the Christmas lights.

A roasted chestnut cart in Dublin
Chestnut Cart

Chestnuts in baskets in a chestnut cart
Roasted Chestnuts on Display

Our chestnuts in a paper sack in Dublin
Our chestnuts in a bag
Our timing on the Christmas markets wasn't quite perfect, and there was a little bit of daylight left after our shopping.  We needed a way to kill some time in Dublin... hmmm... How about a visit to the Brew Dock Pub serving locally brewed Galway Bay beers?  We got a pint of Full Sail IPA and Buried at Sea Chocolate Milk Stout to help us pass the last hour of daylight.

Beers before

Beers after
When we got home, we unpacked our Irish Food Board market goodies.  The market had a great selection of Irish cheese, meats, breads, candies, desserts, and more.  We saw, smelled, and sampled the lot of them. We settled on some Irish Brie cheese, locally made fudge, the chestnuts, and Keogh's artisan potato crisps (chips.)  All of this with some crackers, cider, wine, and pasta made a great meal when we got home after a long, cold day out.

The full spread of cheese, fudge, crackers, wine, cider, pasta, chestnuts, and potato crisps
The Spread

Keogh's crisps and Irish fudge
Crisps and Fudge

Irish Brie Cheese
Irish Brie Cheese

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