Monday, December 16, 2013

200 Posts!

Angry Reader:  It's Monday, no travel post!?  No?  A lousy clip show post!?  No new, exciting, and parshally prooff-read content?  What a ripoff!  Oh well, might as well read the sappy emotional schlock and get it over with!  I'd also better click on the blue link text to read the articles referenced on this page, that is, if I care to.

Cory and Sara:  What a crazy time it's been.  It seems only yesterday we were sitting in our old living room 4000 miles away and thinking of a fun and creative way to share our moving experience with friends and family.  We never thought we would be daily bloggers putting out as much content as we have.  Seeing that 200 number approaching made me scroll back through the archives for buried treasures.

I remember when we first wrote about Sara's official job offer.  We wrote that when the feelings were still pretty fresh.  The clock had started the moving countdown, and there would be no going back.

Remember my sloppy I'll Play videos?  I hope you don't, because they were (and are!) pretty sloppy from those days.  Castlevania 3 probably wasn't the best game to start with video game videos and I fought, kicked, screamed, and save-stated my way through it.  One might have thought I'd gotten better by now...

We had to undergo our Great Jettison shortly after finding out about the move.  Of all the great success stories of that series, none was quite so exciting to me as that of the exercise bike in the basement.  Maybe when we move away the verdant shores of Ireland we will continue with the Jettison series...

When we first got the confirmation of our relocation, we weren't quite ready to make the announcement fully public.  The blog was up and running but was only shared with a few people while we tested out the functionality of a blog and made arrangements to announce our move.  When all of our professional arrangements were made, we were able to make the blog public and share the news with our social networks.

In May, we were still Jettisoning, Sara graduated, and getting lean with our worldly possessions.

The arrival of June saw us pack up the rest of the house, pile into our little car, and get on the road.  Oh, were we such wild-eyed dreamers with the whole world opening up before us.

July was pretty quiet, with our internet blackout keeping us from too much recreational internet use. We did make it to Ireland, and did our best to let our families know we were still alive.

In August, we got our home internet connection at last.  We began to write about our pastimes and the differences we noticed in our new country.

September set up the current format of the blog.  Monday as travel post day and Saturday as the video game day.  We were able to catch up on our knitting, home finding, and exploring posts.

Seems a bit early to reminisce about October and November, but what the hey.  We found some cool stuff, we griped about road signs, we did some brewing, finished the road trip posts, and let's not forget the live-tweet-holiday-event of the...minute.

Thank you friends new and old for reading and commenting on our blog.  Knowing that we have people who care about us and what is happening in our lives is very comforting to us in the big city so far from our homeland.  We are having a wonderful experience and meeting great people here in Ireland, but we never take the love and friendship of our family and friends around the world for granted and for that, we are ever grateful.

So here's to another two hundred posts.  More brewing!  More knitting!  More video games!  More travel!  More proof-reading-before-posting(!!)


Cory and Sara
The Narcissistic Expats

Cory and Sara in Dublin, Ireland

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