Friday, December 27, 2013

InterNations Network Featured Blog

Internations expats

We are proud to be a featured blog on the InterNations network.  Our blog will be listed and recommended by InterNations as a top expat blog for Ireland.  We hope this blog will always be a place to find light-hearted but heart-felt and honest content for all of our visitors.

InterNations is a comprehensive expat networking community.  Expats around the world make connections through forums, news feeds, local scouts, meetups, and more.  We will be keeping a presence on this great service to meet new people and offer (and ask for) advice.  Expats from any country need local support and services like this offer a safe place to establish these connections.

The slogan of InterNations is, "Connecting Global Minds."  As part of the profile, users are asked to include a short answer to the following question:  What makes me a global mind?  Upon reflection, I thought the simple fact that I was able to pack up my life in Iowa and commit to living in a different country without even visiting was uncommon at best.  Since arriving in Dublin, I have sincerely enjoyed observing the many ways my life has changed, even when those changes are frustrating and difficult.  I boiled all this reflection into one simple sentence and one very long sentence.  My answer follows.

I lived in Iowa for 29 years before making the blind jump with my wife to Dublin.  I have ever since been absorbed in noticing, reflecting upon, and sharing the subtle-but-tangible difference in people, buildings, food, wildlife, geography, and everything else.

Thank you, InterNations, for featuring our blog.  We look forward to being members of and contributors to your organization.  See our InterNations Blog profile here.  

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