Friday, December 6, 2013

How Much Vodka?

It's amazing the things one can find out on the streets.  We all know that I have been amassing a huge collection of beer glasses here in Dublin stolen from pubs and abandoned by revelers, but what other useful treasures can we find?

On the same day we had picked up two more glasses, we were walking home past one of our favorite neighborhood pubs, Kiely's of Donnybrook.  Outside the back patio area, we saw the large glass bottle with an attached note.  The bottle was empty (of course) but I thought a 3 liter glass bottle with such a cute note [Please take me! =) ] could not be ignored.  I decided to use is as my own personal 3L fermenter for batches of cider.

A large empty bottle of Huzzar vodka found in Dublin, Ireland
How much vodka?

I had already been using the 5L plastic bottle for fermenting, but I could now make some small specialty batches in this bottle, maybe some long-fermenting applejack recipes?  The glass is much easier to clean and sanitize than the plastic, as it can stand up to the heat of boiling water while plastic shrivels and shrinks under intense heat.

Apple juice in the empty Huzzar bottle fermenting
First (but not last) batch in the Huzzar vodka bottle
Within days, I had a small batch of an experimental recipe in the bottle.  It fermented out nicely, and I was able to use my larger bottle to ferment a bigger, more well-known recipe.  With an almost-tightened lid, I can create a modestly sanitary environment for fermenting.  The next step will be getting a rubber stopper with airlock to create a proper seal on this bottle.  Who needs a glass carboy when you have Huzzar vodka!?

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