Friday, October 18, 2013

Finding the Golden Goose, the Guinness Glass

Whew!  My glass collection is growing.  I am still baffled by home many people steal glasses from pubs around here.  I am almost ready to feel a moral dilemma, but it's hard to tell if I am stealing.  Secondary stealing?  Finding something stolen?  Should I turn these in to the local Garda (police) station and collect them when no pub claims them?

Until I figure out where I sit ethically with these glasses, I'm gonna keep pickin' 'em up!  On this particular day, we found what we thought might be the Golden Goose:  The Guinness glass with the shaped contours and the raised harp logo opposite the printed Guinness logo.  Also, not as exciting, the red Budweiser glass.

An empty Guinness glass and an empty Budweiser Glass on our kitchen table in Dublin, Ireland
Clearly Awesome
We wondered about the Guinness glasses: Would I ever find one whole on the street?  Think about the logic involved here-  Lots of Guinness gets ordered in this town, mostly by tourists, older folks, and young-people-who-happen-to-be-stout-and-dark-beer-fans-who-also-happen-to-be-from-America-but-we-live-here-and-aren't-tourists-anymore-thank-you-very-much like us.  With so many glasses being ordered, might more of these glasses be floating around?  Especially if it is commonly ordered by tourists?  On the other hand, if the people drinking Guinness fits the above stereotype, than we could expect the older folks to finish their drink and leave their glasses in the pub (like adults) and the tourists who steal the glasses to keep the glasses with them as a souvenir. Finding glasses on the street requires two steps:  1) Steal the glass.  2) Abandon the glass.  It seemed like Guinness might be tricky if those rules held up, as the tourists would be likely to steal and keep and the older folks would be unlikely to steal.

A Guinness glass and a Budweiser glass sit in front of a black background on our hob in Dublin, Ireland
Black backing to show logos

Well, on this magical day, lightning may have struck as we did find the Golden Goose, abandoned on a street corner where someone likely hailed a cab.  It was even about 1/4 full of Guinness (and rainwater...) when I found it!  Yay!

[edit:  In the time since this post was written, we have found several Guinness glasses around Dublin, so our original Golden Goose designation was maybe a bit off.  We have other glasses that are now our G.G., but we'll comment on those on this blog later... when we find them!]

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