Thursday, October 10, 2013

Biking the Dodder Trail: Photo Gallery

The River Dodder, our nearest body of water and a river I like to fish.  We are lucky to live in a part of town just suburban enough to have a great park and trail system.  The River Dodder in Dublin has an extensive stretch of green space along its banks before it gets to City Centre.  The banks are lined with miles of trees, grass, and paved trails.  We took out our bikes to explore the stretches closest to our home.

The bikes are parked on a railing on the River Dodder in Dublin, Ireland
Taking a Break

A wall holds the River Dodder in its banks in Dublin, Ireland
The River Wall and Bridge

The trail along the River Dodder in Dublin, Ireland
Bikes on the left, walkers on the right

Two bicycles are parked leaning against a stone wall along the River Dodder in Dublin, Ireland
Stone walls line the River Dodder through many neighbourhoods

An arched bridge along the trail by the River Dodder in Dublin, Ireland
Arched Bridge

Apartment buildings are seen along a riffle on the River Dodder in Dublin, Ireland
Some people LIVE near this river!

A man-made low-head dam on the River Dodder in Dublin, Ireland
Man-made stone dams are built at intervals around
the Dodder in Dublin

After an enjoyable and leisurely-paced ride, we were ready to go home.  The Ireland-style on-and-off misty rains had been with us through the afternoon, but we were a little more hesitant about the clouds in the photo below.

Dark, threatening clouds roll in over a white-sided home along the River Dodder in Dublin, Ireland
Scary, dark clouds

In Iowa, seeing a cloud like that rolling over the pretty white-sided building with bright sunshine over the rest of the sky would mean serious storm trouble.  The large, heavy, dark clouds rolling in would almost always mean thunder, lightning, high winds, and torrential rains were coming.  Here, it seems that any cloud, no matter how threatening or benign looking, can and will produce the pleasant misty rain to which the Irish are so accustomed.  This scary specimen produced a gentle shower that gave us a little spray on our way home, but nothing worse.  It does rain more days each year, but we have yet to see anything like Iowa thunderstorms.

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