Monday, October 28, 2013

Road Trip: West Lafayette, IN to Coralville, IA

Date         Stop   Odometer   Location                                       Time
7/1/20130214072Leaving W. LaFayette, IN10:02 AM
7/1/20131214083Pine Village, IN
7/1/20132214371Friend's Place- Coralville, IA
7/2/20130214379Final Mileage

From Cory's personal travel journal (revised.)


We got up a little after 7AM this morning.  We had a great breakfast with our generous hosts in West LaFayette, we had pancakes and even got a packed lunch to go!  What a break from the fast road food.  We relaxed and watched their busy hummingbird feeder before getting some great advice on a route that would take us home without going through or near Chicago.  It saved a big chunk of time I'm sure.

We ate our delicious road lunch at a rest stop in Illinois- sandwiches, fruit, carrots, and pretzels.  Perfectly convenient and non-greasy, for which we were thankful.

Frog poses with our road lunch eaten at a rest stop in Illinois.  Sandwiches, fruit, carrots, and pretzels are on the menu
Frog enjoying lunch

We arrived at Iowa City in mid-afternoon and took care of some errands.  We went to Stuff, Etc. Consignment store to cash out our account (nice total!) and visited the bank.  We took care of all of the moving paperwork and deposited a check.  I think we are (financially) ready to go!

We picked up Casey's Pizza (classy, but a favorite of ours) to take to our friend's place.  We had a nice group over for pizza, wine, stories, and good times.  We inflated our trusty (?) air mattress one more time for the last night of our road trip.

Frog poses with a plate of pizza and white wine in Coralville, Iowa
Casey's is on the menu!

This morning we cleaned out the car before leaving our friend's place.  There was a raccoon in the dumpster eating old pizza. Nice.  We threw away some of the bigger items we needed for the road trip but wouldn't be keeping.  We got in our (much cleaner and lighter) car to get Cory a haircut at his favorite cheap Coralville salon.  Before the salon opened for the day, we took a final Coralville walk across the Iowa River Power bridge near our first home in Coralville.  We took some frog pictures, got a haircut, and recorded the final mileage of our road trip.

Cory and Sara posing on the Iowa River Power bridge after the 2013 American Road Trip
After the road trip

Frog poses on the Iowa River Power bridge in Coralville, Iowa
Don't jump in!

Frog poses on the spillway on the Iowa River Power bridge in Coralville, Iowa
The spillway

A mother duck and several ducklings are the subject of the last photo we took on our road trip in Coralville, Iowa
The last photo of the road trip

Well, that's the road trip day-to-day journal.  So far, I've tried to keep theses posts as close as possible to the journal I kept each day on the road, without much in the way of reflection or hindsight.  One week from today, look for my personal reflections of the trip as a whole with some fun trip statistics.

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