Monday, October 21, 2013

Road Trip: Washington, D.C. to West Lafayette, IN

  Date        Stop   Odometer   Location                                       Time
6/30/20130213438Leaving Alexandria, VA9:30 AM
6/30/20131213512Hagerstown, MD
6/30/20132213597Myersdale, PA
6/30/20133213791Zanesville, OH
6/30/20134214072W. LaFeyette, IN10:30 PM

From Cory's personal travel journal (revised)

We made some cereal for breakfast.  We were to stay at the home of our newly-extended family in West Lafayette, Indiana.  We got the contact info for them and headed out of the city.  Traffic wasn't bad getting out of D.C., even with the confusing beltway system (optional toll lanes!?)  We hit (more!) mountains in Western Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  It was slow going up and down those peaks, and we quickly got behind schedule.  

We stopped at Burger King for lunch and ate on the road.  Good thing we did because we hit a LONG road construction delay in Ohio after a severe storm had come through with wind, rain, and hail knocking trees over.  Good thing we missed it.

It was a very long day driving after the mountains and delays.  We called our hosts for the night, and they were amazingly patient with us stumbling our way West.  With the assurance that we could arrive late, we stopped for dinner at Fazoli's in Dayton, Ohio.  We made it to West Lafayette, but lost the highway we were supposed to follow through town. Our host called us at the perfect time and helped fly us in safely, even though my phone battery died while we were talking.  We made it to their beautiful home tired and ready to get out of the car.  We had a pleasant drink and visit on the porch before we retired for the night.

Glad we are finished with mountains for this trip.  I had almost forgotten about the Appalachian range in the East, I thought we had finished with high peaks in the Rockies a week ago.  We first crossed the Eastern range in Georgia, where the passes and peaks are lower.  I guess there was no avoiding the hills if we were coming back from Virginia.  We had considered swinging through Shenandoah National Park on our way back, but couldn't squeeze in the extra day.  Maybe next time...

Ed. Note-  There are not pictures from this day of travel.  It wasn't that we didn't see anything of note except...We didn't really see anything of note because of our frantic (grueling, for Oregon Trail fans!) pace.  For those keeping score, this day wins the "Most States Passed Through" award with travel through Virginia, Washington D.C. (not really a state, but not not a state, eh?), Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia again, Ohio, and Indiana.  That's six unique states and one District.  Whew!

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