Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today, March 17 is St. Patrick's Day.  St. Patrick himself is Ireland's patron saint, and is forever tied to Ireland in the collective consciousness of the rest of the world.  How many Americans put on their green top hats and leprechaun shirts around St. Paddy's Day?  McDonald's serves its famous Shamrock Shake worldwide to celebrate the coming of Spring.

Dublin is attempting to make Paddy's Day less of the great booze-up it has been in the past, and more of an artistic and cultural event.  Some here praise the idea, not appreciating the reputation or the mess that comes with Dublin turning into a wild melee of foreign tourists, broken glass, and stout-colored vomit.  Others are vocally opposed to the changes, appreciating the money that comes along with the melee, glass, and vomit.

Just what will we do and see on our first St. Patrick's Day like in Dublin?  Well, we are finding that out as you read this... Assuming you are reading this on the day it is posted.  Stay tuned to this channel for the stories and photos of our St. Patrick's Day 2014 in Dublin.


  1. I haven't received an update in several weeks, so I assumed you were not blogging for whatever reason. I decided today to check your blog and was surprised to see I missed many, many posts. I'll have to re-subscribe, I guess. I really enjoy reading your posts. I myself and trying real hard to move to Ireland. I was just there last week for an interview, but unfortunately did not get the job. I'm finding it difficult to find work. Your blog helps me keep positive about my situation. Thank you!

    1. Hmm... Sorry to hear about the subscription hiccup. I'll check it on my end, too. You can send me a direct message on G+ or send me an email through the Contact page on the blog if you have more problems.

      Sorry to hear about the interview. Keep your chin up and keep at it. We can get together sometime when you make it to Ireland!

      Thanks for commenting.


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