Saturday, March 15, 2014

Retro Saturday Recap: Adventure Island 3

Last week, we followed Master Higgins in the final chapter of the journey through Adventure Island 3.  We took on the aliens, rescued our (way-too-young-looking) girlfriend and watched as the alien mothership crashed into the sea.  Master Higgins has many other adventures to explore, three more on NES and more on SNES and beyond.

We won't take those on just yet.  We'll move on to a different long-running NES series next week.

For now, I re-recorded World 1 of AI3 for a cleaner, sharper, and higher-quality complete playthrough.

If you care to compare, here is a repost of my almost year old first attempt at a video game video, made all those months and miles ago.

Finally, I've compiled the videos of World 1-8 into a YouTube playlist for your enjoyment.  It feels good to wrap up a game like this one, that I enjoyed so much as a youngster.  Many more videos to come.  

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