Saturday, March 8, 2014

Retro Saturday: Adventure Island 3 World 8 and Ending

Well, we've made it this far.  On the western half of that last landmass from World 7 awaits the alien ship, nestled between two erupting volcanoes.  We skipped the previous Fire Gorge stage from World 7, but here we have to face the Double Eruption level.  In a rare and interesting piece of narrative design, the end of the last boss level features the same two smoking volcanoes that are seen in the overworld map.  I didn't notice these until a last look, and therefore don't mention them in the video while I'm sprinting to the exit and the final alien showdown.

The enemy encounter rate goes up, and tricky enemy combinations make the fight through World 8 a dangerous one.  You will see in particular the jumping mole/lightning cloud combo is particularly deadly, attacking from above and below at the same time.

Next week, a full AI3 wrap-up, with a newly recorded run of World 1 to complete the better playlist and to replace the clumsy one I made 11 months ago.

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