Saturday, March 22, 2014

Retro Saturday: The Adventures of Lolo (NES) Floor 1 and Floor 2

Welcome back to Saturday, where we are all about retro. The next game, by request, is the famous action/puzzle (mostly puzzle) game The Adventures of Lolo. In Lolo, the eponymous blue hero must trek through the castle of King Egger. The mysterious looking-like-a-Rhydon King has taken Lolo's pink girlfriend/wife/possibly female round companion hostage.

The aim of the game is to make it through each screen and climb the stairs at the end of each floor. On each screen, Lolo must collect all the heart pieces to open the chest. Once the chest is open, he has to grab the key and make it to the exit door. A variety of obstacles and enemies stand in his way, and he (the player) must carefully plan and route his way through each room to avoid getting stuck or killed.

This week we take on the first two floors of the castle, as they are brief and easy. Later floors will take much longer as they require more maneuvering and thorough exploration.

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