Friday, August 15, 2014

New eBook Guide: Dublin's Southside Museum Row

I finished and published the next guide in my still-unnamed Free Dublin eBook. This guide takes the reader around the block that I call Museum Row. It begins at the Natural History Museum, works around the corner to the National Gallery, and around the next corner to the National Gallery and Archaeology Museum.

Conveniently, the walk can start at the end of Dublin's Urban Park Scramble if time and endurance permit. The guide briefly describes each museum, but isn't meant to be comprehensive or a replacement for the interpretive materials provided at each museum.

This guide includes maps and very specific walking directions to the entrance of each museum. I feel this necessary because so many free printed tourist maps and online map applications fail to guide the reader correctly to the entrance of these museums. For example, the National Gallery is currently under long-term renovations, and the normal front entrance will be closed for several years. Tourist maps don't reflect this, so it would be easy to miss the very understated side door around the block that currently serves as the main entrance to this wonderful gallery.

View and download the guide here or on the Free Dublin eBook page. As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated as I continue this crazy project!

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