Friday, August 8, 2014

In The News: Irish Women's Rugby in the World Cup

Ireland is a rugby country, at least in terms of internationally popular sports. I heard part of a story on the radio about a big World Cup win for the Irish women's rugby team. It was odd to hear a sports update outside of the regular sports report, so I assumed that they must have won the whole thing. The regular (and entertaining!) NewsTalk morning show hosts were so excited about the big triumph, and they were reading headlines from all the Irish papers.

I hit the web to check it out, and I saw that the big win wasn't the whole silver tuna, but a simple early-round group game.

...Or was it?

Ireland's Niamh Briggs celebrates victory over New Zealand Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan 
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The win was against international rugby bullies New Zealand. The Kiwis are known as powerhouses of men's and women's rugby. The NZ women's team has won the last four World Cups, and hasn't lost a match in the Cup since 1991!

The action for Ireland continues on Saturday as the ladies in green take on Kazakhstan in Paris. Let's see if the women's rugby team can add another piece or rugby hardware to the men's Six Nations championship from earlier in the year!

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