Saturday, August 9, 2014

Retro Saturday: Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta Highlights

Last week, I endured one of the toughest and most enjoyable experiences in my video gaming life. I played a full run of Final Fantasy 5 (with Four Job Fiesta restrictions) in one long sitting. I wanted to perform a long stream at a time convenient for my American friends and family to watch, and I thought an all-day Saturday marathon might just be the best way to do it.

At the end, I was exhausted, I was exhilarated, and I was excited to start my next Fiesta run... I think there's something wrong with me.

Here are the highlights from that all-day one-sitting Fiesta run.

Enkidu takes himself out by casting Vampire on my bonemail-wearing dancer. Bonemail reverses the effects of life draining spells, healing the target and damaging the caster.

And a video of the rest of the fight...

I got World 2 Exdeath on my first try. Once I passed the first part of his AI, I was basically invincible as all of his attacks are physical (negated with Golem) or reflectable magic (thank you, Carbuncle!).

The Crystal Guardians gave me much more trouble. After eight failed attempts, I carefully wore them down with three castings of Titan followed by throwing and dancing.

I included my battle with Odin only because I have yet to pick up this optional summon in any of my previous runs. He is susceptible to Stone spells (via Shoat/Catoblepas) with a low hit percent. I did get it to land on my first battle with 15 seconds left and one character alive.

I had a near-win at 12.5 hours when the Magic piece of Neo Exdeath killed the Almagest piece with a reflected Delta Attack. Some bad luck with an unperformed sword dance when the final piece went critical led to a gameover and an hour of further grinding.

After some grinding to master the ninja, I once again got Delta Attack to kill Almagest- and I would win later in this battle...

Right here. This is a video of the final shots on the front piece of Neo Exdeath and my Magic Lamp Odin casting to take out the Magic piece. My strategy held up, and I can't help but think that this would have worked if I had tried it at 12.5 hours when I lost to the critical piece. Either way, my enthusiasm is hilarious to watch now, with a rested and rational mind.

Also, if you care to see the whole marathon (or any part thereof), here's the whole thing in one video.

Watch live video from Active_ate on Twitch

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