Saturday, August 2, 2014

Retro Saturday: Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta Highlights

Yes, so I wasn't actively playing and streaming during my big trip to Iowa and New York, so the highlights of Run 3 are all a bit old, but no less exciting if you missed my live casts!

Skipping ahead a bit from Dragon Pod, let's see what Atomos is up to with access to Sleep and rods!

...And how faced we against Exdeath?

Without access to the Float spell, I had to rely on some good luck against a normally easy boss, Catastrophe.

Likewise, I had a few whoopsies fighting Twintania, as Mega Flare charged up more quickly than I could get a Break spell off. I Had to resort to Hermes Sandals and defensive play to get Break to land.

...No boss makes for a long, grind-it-out fight like Necrophobe. I forgot that the Magic Lamp Bahamut cast is magic-power-based, so after my Knight used the lamp, I reset the battle to get a harder hit on those tiresome barriers with it.

I knew when I rolled this party that Shinryu would be within my grasp. If I could get Berserk out of the Wonder Wand and set up the !Guard/Cover combo (with an unplanned but no less effective Mirage Vest Glitch), the battle would be a breeze... It was.

A viewer let me know that with my current party setup, one Almagest would take out everyone. He was right. Sadly, the Almagest piece of Neo Exdeath has a high magic evade, so getting a Break spell to land would prove difficult... but I got it! Magic Lamp took out the back piece, and Break knocked out Almagest. 

I had some even more insane luck at the very end of the battle, as the last piece of Neo went nuclear and started casting random, powerful spells. One casting of Meteor would have taken us out, wasting the opportunity I set up with the Break spell landing earlier. Luckily, it used Comet, and I was able to knock him out.

...Next run, Team No 750, all physical, all the time.

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