Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dublin Castle Sand Scupltures

This August, Dublin Castle is displaying the work of talented sand sculptors in its historic courtyard. For a week from July 29-August 4, teams of sand artists built and carved these large and detailed pieces publicly in the Dublin Castle courtyard. They will be on display until August 27.

I found a great article about the work of the artists and their process here.

Irish television RTE published a short news piece of the artists at work.

I went through about a week after the pieces went on display and took some characteristically clumsy photos of the works on the courtyard that day. I tried to catch some of the intricate detail of these huge pieces, especially in the eyes and faces of the human figures. The best look, of course, is the works in person! If you can, swing through Dublin Castle this month and take a look for yourself.

Larger-than-Life Face Dublin Castle Sand Sculptures 2014
Larger-than-Life Face

Detailed Eyes Closeup Dublin Castle Sand Sculptures 2014
Detailed Eyes Closeup

A detailed face and hair at Dublin Castle Sand Sculptures 2014
That's Sand!?

Sand Sculptures Dublin Castle 2014
Wide Look

Intricate Scrollwork at Dublin Castle Sand Sculptures 2014
Intricate Scrollwork

A piece at Dublin Castle Sand Sculptures 2014
Notice the Triangular Gap in the Center

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