Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Night in the House

Checking in on the Blog... from the library.

We turned in our modem and router to our cable company today, which means we are officially off of the internet.  We still have 24 LONG hours to go in our home occupation without the precious resource of technology.

That minor hiccup shouldn't stop us from posting to the world, however, so we are in the only place in our neighborhood to get some free internet access...  SITTING OUTSIDE THE LIBRARY AFTER CLOSING TIME USING THE WIRELESS INTERNET ON A BENCH!

We'd like to share some photos from the night.  Follow the jump for the almost complete photo essay...

First, some wine.  We are both finished with work as of today, so to celebrate our newfound unemployment, we opened a bottle of home made wine given to us by a friend.  We were extra proud of this wine because it was made from concentrated frozen grape juice.  A good friend who is a man of our own heart!

About to enjoy some wine made from grape juice concentrate by a great friend

Enjoying some home made wine from a friend

After wine, the packing continued in earnest.  We took a last round of material to the consignment store and a penultimate trip to Goodwill tonight.  As of tomorrow (Wednesday the 5th) we will be out of the house.  Now we can finally get the car loaded for our trip.  We have (had) a nice, large, comfortable living room.  It now functions to us as a stuff staging area.  See below for the photo of the corner housing the camping equipment (formerly the dining room)

Last few items from the house ready to load

The area in this photo used to be our couch/TV area, with the fireplace seating in the foreground of this angle.  Note the distinct absence of everything except those large suitcases on the right.  This corner is now our Ireland corner.
Camp chairs and one lamp left for home comforts

The luxurious accommodations seen below used to be our front room.  This was formerly home to our big squishy love seat and bookshelves sagging with books.  Now it is the home of an air mattress and nothing sagging with more nothing. 

Had to get rid of the bed, sticking with the air mattress for now

There are certain jobs that have to wait until the last minute in the moving process.  This one could have been done sooner, but we just blew it off until tonight.  After staging the home, we had to take down all of our wall decorations (remember the stuff noticing consultant?) and get the nail holes filled and painted.

We got the stuff down, but hadn't brought up the putty and paint.  Tonight, we had no choice, time to touch it up!

Sara touches up the paint in the bedroom after taking down the pictures on the wall

Finally, when in the last stages of moving, it is common to build up a lot of trash.  Most of this is material one must keep using until the very last day of living in the home.  The rest of it is stuff that should have been thrown away a long time ago, but had not been noticed until the house is being inspected with the EVERYTHING MUST BE GONE NO NOT KINDA GONE BUT TOTALLY GONE DON'T YOU SEE ALL THIS STUFF!?! eyes.  

What can one do with this stuff?  We have already had our last municipal garbage pickup day before turning over the house keys, and we certainly can't leave the new owners with a trash can full of garbage to deal with.  Outside of asking our gracious and generous neighbors for help, we had to turn outlaw.  Here is proof of [name redacted] using a dumpster to dispose of some last-minute moving detritus

[name redacted] uses a dumpster to get rid of some last-minute trash

Out of the house on Wednesday, out of the state on Thursday.  We'll see you on the road!

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